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We always strive to offer toys that are fun, educational, safe, and environmentally responsible. Therefore we ensure a wide range of initiatives are carried out before we sell the toys in our stores.

Ethical considerations

TOYS“R”US only cooperate with suppliers that we know are trusted and ethical. This means the products are not only tested to the latest EU standards but also the factories where they are made comply to the most stringent international standards which protect workers of their human rights, safe and hygienic working conditions and fair wage but to name a few.

As a responsible company, we strive to make sure that our requirements and regulations are upheld. We have a Factory Compliance Team in Hong Kong who job it is to make sure all our suppliers and factories comply to ICTI - International Council of Toy Industry.


From production to our stores

Before the toys can be sold at our stores, they have often been on a long journey. Toys produced in the Far East are shipped to Denmark. They are then transported to one of our distribution centres (Aarhus or Copenhagen). We do not air-freight to reduce our carbon emissions. Once at the distribution centre, the toys are then sorted and packed to be delivered to their respective stores across the Nordic.

Christmas is a very busy time, so we plan well ahead to ship earlier, and deliver the toys directly to some of our stores. Effective planning at this time means we can safeguard our stores have the toys for our customers and also we reduce the amount of transportation, which is good for the environment. 


Toy safety

Our priority is to make toys and other products for children that are safe. We have a Quality Assurance (QA) team who test all our products before they can be delivered to our stores. The responsibility of the QA team is to check and identify all ingredients and manufacturing processes including chemicals and physical tests. Furthermore the QA team makes sure all our suppliers comply with the European Union requirements as well as our own standards that are even higher than those specified by the EU.

We take safety very seriously, however if a product for any reason has a safety or quality issue, we will make an immediate test assessment and even conduct a recall in all our stores. Read about recalls under “customer service”.

Learn more about a toy's long journey, the initiatives we take, the challenges we solve, and the dilemmas we face, by sending us an email. You can also go to TOP-TOY's website for further details. This page is in English.