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Lead a heroic team of interstellar pilots in order to free the Atlas star system from the forgotten Legion. With Starlink: Battle for Atlas, you can build unique starships with the innovative modular toys. The starships can be customized on the fly to give players a chance to adapt to overcome any challenges they may encounter in this epic open world adventure. Features EXPLORE AN OPEN LIVINGSTAR SYSTEM – Travel effortlessly through the exiting alien worlds of the Atlas star system. Through your travel, you can discoverthe Atlas star system’s seven planets, that each has their own ecosystem, wildlife and secrets to uncover. The forgotten Legion is trying to take over Atlas and in order to push the dynamic enemy back you must ally with the various factions in Atlas. BUILD & CUSTOMIZE THE STARSHIP OF YOUR DREAMS – Design your own starship load out by using your arsenal of hulls, weapons, wings and pilots. To see the game instantly come to life plug in your modular toys to your controller mount and experiment with your load out in real-timeas you play. The game allows you to get creative in combat. To strategically, overcome whatever you may encounter in the Atlas starsystem you can get creative and unleash devastating elemental combos. UPGRADE YOUR FLEET TRHOUGH RPG MECHANICS – Expand your pilot’s skills trees, mod your gear, and upgrade your mothership. As you journey through Atlas you can expand your powers and customize your adventure. Invite a friend to join you with the TWO PLAYER COUCH CO-OP. The two-player split-screen local co-op makes it easy tocampaign seamlessly at any time. Get the most out of your teamwork by combining various load outs in your pursuit to save Atlas.TEAMSTAR FOX JOINS THE BATTLE EXCLUSIVELY ON NINTENDO SWITCH - Play as the adventurous Fox McCloud. The iconic Arwing is equipped withlaser cannons. The game introduces complete exclusive new missions including familiar Star Fox faces. NINTENDO SWITCH STARTER PACK DESCRIPTION Fox McCloud. Fox McCloud has the ability Rock n´Roll and is a very charismatic leader of the Star Fox team. Fox calls ina member of the Star Fox team to fight alongside him for a short period of time. Mason Rana is the newest trainee to the Starlink Initiative. He is a brilliant inventor who has big hopes for the future. His Starlink Technology allows the crew to effortlessly, swapweapons, pilots and starships. Mason Rana has the Orbital Strike ability and through an uplink to the Equinox, he can target all orbital weapons, which allows him to hit every target in a wide radius. Fox McCloud’s iconic starship The Arwing possesses exceptionalperformance and it has the ability to execute legendary barrel rolls. Flamethrower is a spits fire in a wide arc. It is a fuel-injected weapon, which is continuously dealing with damage. It overheats targets and weakens their defences. When it comes to freezing your enemies out Frost Barrage is the perfect fit. Frost Barrage’s stream of guided missiles spreads frost over its target, which slows down the fast and evasive enemies. The Starlink: Battle for Atlas a starter pack is required. All Starlink modular toys only workwith Starlink: Battle for Atlas™ video game and controller mount on PS4™, Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox One. In order to play with yournew modular toys you need to connect it to your controller mount and see them come to life in real time in the game! Use you arsenal of wings, hulls, weapons and pilots to build your own starship load out.

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